Tom’s Bio

Tom Varner

” Tom Varner, now an Associate Professor of Music at Cornish College of the Arts, is a jazz hornist, composer, and bandleader. He has 14 recordings out as a leader, and his newest one, “Nine Surprises” is a a nonet project (now at ITunes and Amazon). Tom also plays on over 75 other recordings as well. After 26 years in New York, Tom moved to Seattle in 2005, and has been busy as a leader and sideperson in Seattle’s rich jazz and new music and improvised music scenes. Tom also founded and organized several “Julius Watkins Jazz Horn Festivals,” beginning in the early 90s. One nice memory of Tom’s: in 1991, he played alongside John Clark in the large ensemble at the Montreux Jazz festival with Miles Davis and Quincy Jones. Tom has looked up to John Clark and Vincent Chancey since the late 70s! “