Some musicians play in many different musical situations…constantly moving from one style of music to another and playing with musicians of many musical interests.

John Clark and Vincent Chancey are French horn players and composers who have worked in jazz, classical, Broadway, pop and commercial studio settings.

We hope that French horn players, people who know French horn players, people who have questions about what it’s like to be a French horn player, people who have great French horn jokes, stories, videos, and photos…will all contribute to this blog to help make it a lively, hilarious, and informative place to visit. We have ideas for some fun features in the future, so stay in touch and tell us what you think.


About John Clark

administrator for Crosstalkinthecrosswalk
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  1. sandyck711 says:

    Not a French Horn player myself but I am digging the blog so far!

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  2. Bryce D says:

    I met John today, he seems very knowledgable and supportive. How wonderful that this community exists and there are more than one approach to playing the horn. I already learned some invaluable tips from John. I’m excited to work with him more!

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  3. Michael Kates says:

    John, I’m trying to post the spreadsheet for the mnemonic but can’t figure out how to get it into the web site. Can I forward it to you? mike

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